Grierson ~ Third Generation

    Issue of John Grierson and Mary Burgess  
1.   John GRIERSON
Born 12 Feb 1810 at Parramatta, NSW, Australia (birth reg nr V1810606 148/1810).
Bap 18 Feb 1810 at St John's Church, Parramatta.
References for bap and burial place not recorded.
Died 7 Mar 1811 at Hobarttown, Tasmania, Australia aged 1 year (this date uncertain), buried 17 Mar 1811 at St David's, Hobarttown, Tasmania (ref Tasmanian Pioneer burial record 102-34 in name of John Grerson).
See the
photo page for photos of St David's Park, Hobart, the site of the first church in Hobart (later replaced by St David's Cathedral on another site) and the graveyard where baby John would most likely have been buried somewhere near where the monument to David Collins is now. There are still a number of substantial stone monuments scattered about the old graveyard, but the majority of stones that remained were removed years ago and built into a memorial wall further down the hill. Some stones commemorating military people were taken to Anglesea Barracks and built into a wall there. (Notes by J.D.Grierson 2013).
Tasmanian records
2.   Jane GRIERSON
Also known as Jean.
Born 4 Nov 1811 at Hobarttown, Tasmania, Australia. (Ref TasBDM but Jane's mother spelt Birch instead of Burgess.)
When Jane was was 3 yrs old the family returned to Scotland, probably to Starryheugh Farm (near Cargenbridge and Troqueer), given as Stoneyheugh in parish record.

Marr 28 Nov 1830 at Troqueer, Kircudbright, Scotland under the name of Jean GRIERSON (ref IGI record and Troqueer Register), to James BROADFOOT. James was the son of William Broadfoot and Nicholas McKennell, acc to his DC. James was bap 17 Apr 1805 at Kelton parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (ref and is listed as a child of William Broadfoot and Nicholas McKinnal. James married twice, firstly to Anne Robson with whom he had a son William (though his details have not been found in Scotlandspeople). The marriage of James Broadfute and Anne Robson is listed in the IGI on 17 Nov 1826 at Kirkgunzeon parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Presumably Anne died within 4 years.

Ref 1841 census. Lanarkshire, Scotland. Parish of Glasgow St Marys. Address: King St Clase 48, Glasgow.
James Broadfoot. Male. Age 30. Broker. Born Scotland.
Jane Broadfoot. Female. Age 25. Born Scotland. [Incorrect]
William Broadfoot. Male. Age 10. Born Scotland. [Son of 1st marriage]
John Broadfoot. Male. Age 7. Born Scotland.
Sarrah Broadfoot. Female. Age 5. Born Scotland.
Ebenezer Broadfoot. Male. Age 3. Born Scotland.
Hugh Broadfoot. Male. Age 1. Born Scotland.
Margt Greirson. Female. Age 20. Born Scotland. [Jane's sister, see below]
William Graham. Male. Age 20. Born Scotland. [Margaret's husband]

Ref 1851 census. Lanarkshire, Scotland. Parish of Gorbals. Address: 100 Eglington Street, Gorbals.
James Broadfoot. Head. Male. Age 44. Black Smith Journeyman. Born Govan, Lanarkshire.
John [Jane] Broadfoot. Wife. Female. Age 39. Born Vandomensland [Van Diemens Land i.e. Tasmania].
John Broadfoot. Son. Male. Age 18. Black Smith. Born L Kirkguengeos, Kirkcudbright.
Sarah Broadfoot. Daughter. Female. Age 17. Domestic Duties. Born L Kikguengeos, Kirkcudbright.
Ebinazer Broadfoot. Son. Male. Age 15. Scholar. Born L Kikguengeos, Kirkcudbright.
Grace Broadfoot. Daughter. Female. Age 9. Born Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

Jane and James, together with John, Sarah, Ebenezer and Grace, emigrated to Victoria in 1853 on the 'Banker's Daughter' from Wigton, Scotland (see shipping record), arriving Geelong 3 Sep 1853. An unknown author kept a diary of the voyage, commencing: May 19th 1853. "We left Birkenhead this evening at seven oclock and was towed out of the Mersey into the sea by a steamboat. While on the way out a lame sailor was discovered on board stowed away among some loose sails he was set on shore with the steamboat when she left us. He came up from Glasgow with some of his friends in the steamboat and remained in secrecy with them till we were out in the river when they informed upon him and he was set ashore with only one shilling." The diary ends on Sep 1st 1853. "At daybreak this morning we saw the land of Australia and about nine oclock we passed Port Phillip Heads and entered the Bay where a Pilot came on board of us and after sailing about five miles they let go the anchor. The entrance to the bay is very narrow not being above two miles in breadth but it spreads out on both sides to a great extent and really the scene is beautiful land on all sides and the bay studded with ships all around us." The ship was in quarantine for 5 days at Point Henry, Geelong.

Jane died 19 Sep 1874 at Goldie, Victoria, Australia (Vic nr 7812), buried at Lancefield Cemetery. No will/probate was found.
James died 7 Feb 1875 at Goldie, Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 2517), buried at Lancefield Cemetery. His will/probate is available online (12/820). See the will of James Broadfoot attached. An additional note states " The testator carried on business in copartnership with his son Ebenezer Broadfoot under the style or firm of 'J & E Broadfoot' and the division of the partnership assets and liabilities are shown in the above account."

The will of Mary Burgess refers to Jane and James Broadfoot of East Collingwood, carpenter in 1864.
The unnamed twins are mentioned in Jane's Death Cert.

IGI record
Troqueer Register

1841 census

1851 census


James Broadfoot Will

Mary Burgess Will

  1.& 2. Unnamed twins  
  3. John Grierson BROADFOOT bap 1832 at Kirkgunzeon  
  4. Sarah BROADFOOT born 1834 at Troqueer  
  5. Ebenezer BROADFOOT bap 1836 at Kirkgunzeon  
  6. George Grierson BROADFOOT bap 1838 at Kirkgunzeon  
  7. Hugh BROADFOOT bap 1840 at Glasgow  
  8. Grace BROADFOOT bap 1842 at Glasgow  
  9. Mary BROADFOOT  
  10. James BROADFOOT bap 1845 at Glasgow  
  11. Mary Burgess BROADFOOT bap 1850 at Glasgow  
  12. James BROADFOOT bap 1851 at Glasgow
3.   George GRIERSON
Born 29 July 1814 at sea, near Hull, Yorkshire, England. It is not known when he first arrived in Australia. However, an item in The Argus of 11 Oct 1851 indicates that someone believed him to be in Victoria then:
"GPO Melbourne, unclaimed letters. George Grierson."

"WANTED a Blacksmith that can Shoe. Apply at the Clare Castle Hotel, Stephen-street, Melbourne, to George Grierson, between eight and nine o'clock a.m." (The Argus 18 Dec 1855)

He lived at Kangaroo Ground, Victoria before 1862 (ref Castledouglas property doc).

George returned to Scotland to claim his inheritance from his deceased uncle Robert Grierson. There is a listing in the Victorian shipping records for "G. Grierson, age 36, Blue Jacket, departure Jun 1862, destination Liverpool" which allowing for the incorrect age is probably him. In Nov 1862 he inherited two properties in Castledouglas (ref Castledouglas property doc).

Family story: according to John (2) Grierson in 1900, George sold the property to a lawyer for 2000 and "stayed on in Scotland living like a lord until in about 2 years he had run through all the money", and had not enough money left to pay his passage to Australia. It is believed his family in Australia paid his fare. George returned to Victoria on the ship 'Eastern Empire' arriving June 1863 as unassisted passage, listed as Geo Grierson aged 48 (ref online shipping records). The Will of Mary Burgess refers to George Grierson in 1864 excluding any inheritance due to already having received his share.

Said to have married c1868 at Woods Point, Victoria, Australia, Catherine McPHERSON, (not found in Victorian records); Catherine Grierson's probate is available online showing she died on 21 Mar 1908 as a widow of Gobur, and probate was granted on 12 Aug 1911. Her son John McPherson was one of the administrators of her will.

George Grierson of Gobur appeared in the Government Gazette at various times between 5.2.1875 and 14.4.1881, with Licenses Under Section 49 Approved, Notices to Lessees and Licencees in Arrears, and Alterations of Licences Approved (ref GSV database).

"PUBLIC TENDERS. Wooden building for teacher's residence, Home Creek (Yarck), State School No. 1331. G. Grierson, Gobur, 315" (The Argus 18 Dec 1885)

George died without issue on 30 Apr 1886 at Gobur, Shire of Alexandra, Victoria (Vic reg 5395), buried at Gobur Cemetery (Presbyterian). His will/probate is available online (31/978), see attachment. He left all his real and personal estate to John McPherson, farmer of Yarck, the son of Catherine. George's occupation was farmer and carpenter.

On Sat 5 Aug 1905 there was an advertisement printed in The Argus, Melbourne (page 11, 2nd column from left, Missing Friends, Messages), as follows:
"GEORGE GRIERSON, mother's name Mary Burgess, please communicate with Miss Strawbridge, Pratt and Keith, Aberdeen, Scotland". George was presumably written to because of his earlier return to Scotland, but he was long dead, and this advertisement was noticed by his great-nephew, John (4) Grierson and his wife Margaret. Sometime in the early 1920s Margaret wrote to the given address, and ultimately received a reply from an elderly lady to whom the letter had been passed. This lady wrote that at the time she had been a solicitor's clerk, but she could remember nothing of the case. Further letters went unanswered, the implication being that the lady had died. The mystery remains Further descendants do not know the reason for this advertisement but there is a story that some were paid out not to make a claim on some property, which may or may not have been to do with a brewery.

Castledouglas property

Mary Burgess Will

Death Certificate
George Grierson Will
4.   Margaret GRIERSON
Born 3 Jun 1817 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland. The birth of her daughter Mary names the birthplace and Margaret's marriage as at Curriestanes, which is very near Maxwelltown, Troqueer, Starryheugh Farm and Cargenbridge, all significant places for the family. See map.
Bapt 8 Jun 1817 at Troqueer, Kircudbright, Scotland (ref IGI record and Troqueer Register).

Marr 24 May 1839 at Dunscore, Dumfries, Scotland (ref IGI record), to William GRAHAM, born c1817 at Annandale, Scotland. Also recorded as being married at Maxwelltown on her DC. The birth certificate of daughter Mary gives the marriage as being on 24 May 1840 at Curriestanes, Dumfriesshire. This date appears to be wrong as ScotlandsPeople has the marriage on 24 May 1839.

Ref 1841 census. Lanarkshire, Scotland. Parish of Glasgow St Marys. Address: King St Clase 48, Glasgow.
Together with her sister Jane (Broadfoot) and family:
Margt Greirson. Female. Age 20. Born Scotland.
William Graham. Male. Age 20. Born Scotland.

Margaret and William emigrated from Greenock to Victoria in 1842 as assisted passengers on the 'Robert Benn' (see shipping record).

According to 'The Diamond Valley Story' by Dianne Edwards, copyright Shire of Diamond Valley 1979, Henry Arthur initially owned much of the area. Between 1845 and 1847 the northern and western portions of Arthur's property were transferred to John Grierson and William Graham (listed as Thomas Graham in the book). They renamed the property Woodlands and the site of the homestead they constructed would appear to have been halfway between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen. Graham was replaced in the partnership in 1848 by Moses Thomas of Morang, and then in 1849 the lease was transferred to a Thomas Murray.

The will of Mary Burgess refers to Margaret and William Graham of Arthurs Creek, farmer in 1864.

At the birth of daughter Mary in 1858, the previous children were listed as 1 living and 11 dead (Rachael being still alive at that time). The names and place in the records of the birth of the first two children (in the IGI) strongly suggest their connection. Presumably the first two children had died by the time of the 1841 census.

Margaret died 31 Mar 1864 at Watery Gully, Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 3506), buried at Diamond Creek Cemetery (Protestant). The inquest took place on 3 Apr 1864 and evidence was given of the discovery of her body and other circumstances. The verdict was "cause of death not known, not sufficient evidence to prove cause". For full information, see many reports in Trove. She had a tragic life. No will/probate was found.

Probable death of William Graham 1872 in Victoria, son of John Graham, aged 55 (Vic reg 5859).
IGI records
Troqueer Register

Map of Kircudbrightshire

1841 census


Mary Grierson nee Burgess Will

Birth of Mary 1858
  1. Janet GRAHAM born 1833 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland  
  2. James GRAHAM born 1835 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland  
  3. Maryane Cowan GRAHAM born 1838 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland  
  4. unnamed male GRAHAM born 1840 at Carluke, Lanark, Scotland  
  5. John GRAHAM (1) born 1845 at Melbourne, Vic, Australia  
  6. John GRAHAM (2) born 1847 at Richmond, Vic, Australia  
  7. Thomas GRAHAM born 1851 at Melbourne, Vic, Australia  
  8. George Grierson GRAHAM born 1853 at Melbourne, Vic, Australia  
  9. Rachael GRAHAM born c1857 at Melbourne, Vic, Australia  
  10. Mary GRAHAM born 1858 at Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia
5.   John GRIERSON
Known as John (2) Grierson.
Born 5 Dec 1820 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Bapt 10 Dec 1820 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Occupation Farmer.
Emigrated to Victoria in 1839 on the 'David Clark(e)' (see shipping record).

Married 4 Jul 1843 at Scots Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Old Vic reg Book 5/777) to Phoebe CREW(E), born 24 May 1815 (ref Family Bible entry) at Timsbury, England, emigrated to Victoria in 1841 on the 'Fergusson' (see shipping record). Refer to the certificates page for the transcript of the marriage certificate. The Family Bible entry has that they were married at the Manse. The address of both was the River Plenty. Witnesses were John Grierson b1778, Ambrose Curtis & Ann Curtis nee Crew born 1810, and Janet Grierson b1824.

Lived at Bourke St Melbourne (1844), Diamond Creek (1849) and at the Queenstown and Ballarat Diggings; he later took up land at South Yan Yean (ref John (2) notes). In the Argus of 22 Oct 1849 the following item probably refers to John and one of his brothers in law:
"His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified for the information of all persons concerned, that His Excellency has been pleased to approve of the Claims, made by the Parties enumerated in the annexed List, for the purchase, under the Notice from the Colonial Secretary's Office, dated 21st November, 1848, of portions of the Sections referred to. Thomas and Grierson of Melbourne, Lot 1, 640 acres, Diamond Creek."

The will of Mary Burgess refers to John Grierson in 1864.

Phoebe died 17 Feb 1889 at Prahran, Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 4352), buried 19 Feb 1889 at Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, Victoria. No will/probate was found. Her death certificate says 17 Feb though Family Bible entry had 18 Feb. For further details on Phoebe, see the CREW tree.

Ref The Argus 19th Feb 1889:
"The Friends of the late Mrs. Phoebe Grierson are respectfully invited to follow her remains to their last resting place, the Boroondara Cemetery, Kew. The funeral cortege to move from her sister's (Mrs. Lampard) residence, corner of Burnley and Crown Streets, Yarraberg, THIS DAY (Tuesday, the 19th inst) at 4 o'clock p.m."

John died 29 Sep 1905 at Preston, Victoria, Australia (reg 10483), buried 1 Oct 1905 at Coburg Cemetery (Meth A 312) with his son John and granddaughter Florence Lewis. No will/probate was found. Refer certificates page for death certificate.
Troqueer Register


See CREW tree



John (2) Notes

Mary Burgess Will


Newspaper reports
and other articles

  1. John GRIERSON born 1844 at Melbourne, Vic, Australia  
  2. Mary GRIERSON born 1845 at Plenty River, Vic, Australia  
  3. Anna GRIERSON born 1848 at Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia  
  4. Jane GRIERSON born 1849 at Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia  
  5. Joseph GRIERSON born 1852 at East Collingwood, Vic, Australia  
  6. Mary GRIERSON born 1855 at Plenty River, Vic, Australia
6.   Janet GRIERSON
Born 14 Jun 1824 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Bapt 20 Jun 1824 at Troqueer, Kircudbright, Scotland (ref IGI record and Troqueer Register). Emigrated to Victoria in 1839 on the 'David Clark(e)' (see shipping record).

Marr 20 Oct 1843 (ref Thomas Bible) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Old Vic reg book 5/805) (Rev Peter Gunn, Presbyterian) to Moses THOMAS (son of Walter THOMAS and Marjorie McEWAN, brother of David THOMAS below.

Recent research has established that there were two infants named Moses born to Walter Thomas and Marjorie McEwan, one in 1824 and one in 1825. Details of their marriage and the one in 1824 are as given here previously: The Old Parish Register 477 Drymen Vol. 1 has for their parents' Banns, "1811 Walter Thomas labourer Blairquhon Kilmaronack Parish and Marjorie MacEwan Daughter of John McEwan in Ester Offerance Parish of Drymen listed for proclamation of Banns on the 13th of July 1811."), bap 14 Feb 1824 at Kilmaronock, Dunbarton, Scotland (ref IGI record and ScotlandsPeople). The entry in ScotlandsPeople is as follows: "1824 Feby. Thomas & McEwen. 14. Walter Thomas in Gazbachark (?) and May McEwen his spouse had a son born and afterwards Baptized named Moses".

The second Moses Thomas, and the one who married Janet Grierson, was born 28 Feb 1825, and was baptised 20 March 1825 at the Associate Session, Balfron, Stirling, Scotland (from Scotland Births and Baptisms, FamilySearch). On Moses' tombstone at Mernda Cemetery his birth date is given as 28th February 1825. He had emigrated to Victoria in 1842 on the 'Robert Benn' (see shipping record).

According to local records, Moses took up land 19 miles north of Melbourne and established a dairy farm, a flour mill (on the banks of the Plenty River in the Yan Yean area), a bakery, grocer's store, a butter factory, and a blacksmith's shop. He also built a private school of bluestone on two acres of his land (later given to Education Dept), and the Mayfield Presbyterian Church on one acre of his land which he later gifted to the congregation. His homestead was named Mayfield. He was a carpenter, stonemason and engineer, and took out a licence for the Thomas' Bridge's Inn. The district was named Morang and then Mernda. Nearby Thomastown got its name from a different Thomas family (ref research of Beryl Patullo).

Janet died 24 Jul 1861 (ref Thomas Bible) at Mayfield, Morang, Victoria (Vic reg 6977), buried at Western Cemetery, Melbourne (Melbourne General Cemetery). No will/probate was found. Information from Rex Muir is as follows:
"Janet died on the 24th July 1861 aged 37 years. The story behind Janet's death at such an early age was that she was coming home from visiting friends at Campbellfield when a storm hit. She took off her cape to shelter a young daughter, probably Mosina, caught a chill and never recovered from that."

Ref The Argus Fri 26 Jul 1861:" Funeral Notice. The Friends of Mr. MOSES THOMAS are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late wife to the place of interment, Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral to move from his residence, Mayfield, Morang, on Monday, 29th inst, at 10 o'clock, passing through Northcote about 1 o'clock p.m. John Daley, undertaker, La Trobe and Spring streets, Melbourne "

The gravestone at Melbourne General Cemetery, Presbyterian Section, Compartment G, Graves 8 and 10, contains the following inscription. The exact layout of the words is on the attached file. Those buried in the grave were family members John Grierson (1778-1855), Mary Grierson nee Burgess (1789-1870), Janet Thomas nee Grierson (1824-1861) [daughter], Janet Thomas (1849-1881) [granddaughter], James Burgess (1794-1872) [Mary's brother], Robert Jones (1856-1856) [great-grandchild], and their friend John Buchanan Davie.

Moses remarried, to Ann McLean, in 1862, and had another 11 children. At the time of his death in 1878 these were Isabella 15, James 13, Annie 12, Margaret 11, Lewis 9, Moses 8, Lillias 6, Jane 5, Alexandrina 3, David dec, Grace 1month.

The will of Mary Burgess refers to Moses Thomas of Morang, farmer in 1864.

Moses died 9 May 1878 at Mayfield, Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 7092), buried at Mernda/Yan Yean Cemetery where there is a large monument referring only to his second wife and second family. The wording is as follows:
(Front panel) In Memory of Moses Thomas Born 28th February 1825 [but see above] Died 9th May 1878 and his beloved wife Ann Born 21st March 1840 Died 24th February 1921 (Left side panel) And their daughters Isabella Margaret Jane Lillias Ann Grace Alexandrina (Right side panel) Also their sons David died 11th March 1878 aged 1 year 7 months James Lewis (Box Hill) Moses (Buninyong). His will/probate is available online (17/669) and is transcribed here in which he is described as a Licensed Victualler. At probate his real estate was four thousand two hundred pounds and personal estate seven hundred and seventy eight pounds.

In his death cert he is named as Moses Thomas, Publican, age 53 years, son of Walter Thomas Farmer, May Thomas formerly McEwan. His son Walter was the informant. The marriages are listed as (1) Melbourne Victoria, age 18, to Janet Grierson; (2) Upper Plenty, age 37, to Ann McLean. It states he was born at Kippen, Perthshire, Scotland so it is possible there was a connection with that place.


IGI record
Troqueer Register


IGI record
Thomas Bible

See pdf of
headstone transcription

Mary Burgess Will
Moses Thomas Will

Janet Death Cert

Moses Death Cert

Newspaper reports
and other articles

Janet Grierson - Andrea Johnson story

Moses Thomas - Andrea Johnson story
  1. Walter THOMAS born 1844 at Collingwood, Vic, Aus  
  2. John Grierson THOMAS born 1846 at Collingwood, Vic, Aus  
  3. Mary THOMAS born 1848 at Melbourne, Vic, Aus  
  4. Janet THOMAS born 1849 at Melbourne, Vic, Aus  
  5. May McEwan THOMAS born 1852 at Collingwood, Vic, Aus  
  6. Mary Grierson THOMAS born 1854 at Plenty River, Vic, Aus  
  7. Mosina THOMAS born 1856 at Plenty River, Vic, Aus
7.   Mary GRIERSON
Born 26 Apr 1827 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Bapt 29 Apr 1827 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref IGI record and Troqueer Register).
Emigrated to Victoria in 1839 on the 'David Clark(e)' (see shipping record).

Marr 8 Dec 1846 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 33705 & 1972) by Rev James Forbes (Presbyterian) to David THOMAS (son of Walter THOMAS and Marjorie McEWAN, brother of Moses THOMAS above. The Old Parish Register 477 Drymen Vol. 1 has for their parents' Banns, "1811 Walter Thomas labourer Blairquhon Kilmaronack Parish and Marjorie MacEwan Daughter of John McEwan in Ester Offerance Parish of Drymen listed for proclamation of Banns on the 13th of July 1811."). The parish record of Kilmaronock, Dunbarton, Scotland has for the date 27 Aug 1813 "Walter Thomas and May McEoun his spouse had a lawful son born and baptised named David". (See photograph.) This is unclear as to whether it was the birth or baptism or both. This is listed in the IGI also. Another source has that David was born at Blairquhamrie (see Dunbarton map), and a family bible may have the different (probably wrong) date of 27 Aug 1812.

David arrived in Australia at Port Jackson, NSW, on the Barque 'Merlin' (see attached). This arrived 22 Nov 1838 from Greenock via Hobart Town and he is listed in steerage with Will. Risk who was said to be a relative.

The will of Mary Burgess (her mother) refers to Mary and David Thomas of Port Fairy, farmer in 1864.

David died 20 Aug 1885 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 7665). His will/probate is available online once logged onto (30/289) and is transcribed here.

Mary died 31 Aug 1914 at Rosebrook near Port Fairy, Victoria (Vic reg 11274), buried at Port Fairy. Her will/probate is available at the Pub Records Office (140/418). See will of Mary Grierson (Thomas) dated 1900. Probate was awarded on 20 Oct 1915; Mary left real estate in the State of Victoria of the value of eight hundred and fifty five pounds, and personal property of the value of one hundred and eighteen pounds seven shillings and six pence (ref probate documents).


IGI records
Troqueer Register

Birth/Bap of David Thomas (pdf 670kb)

Arrival of David on Merlin

Dunbarton Map

David Thomas Will

Mary Grierson nee Burgess Will

Mary Thomas nee Grierson Will

Newspaper reports
and other articles

  1. Mary THOMAS born 1848 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  2. Margery McEwan THOMAS born 1850 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  3. Margaret Graham THOMAS born 1852 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  4. Janet THOMAS born 1854 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  5. Walter THOMAS born 1856 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  6. John Grierson THOMAS born 1858 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  7. Georgina Grierson THOMAS born 1860 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  8. Jane Barclay THOMAS born 1860 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  9. James THOMAS born 1862 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  10. David William THOMAS born 1864 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  11. Moses THOMAS born 1867 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus  
  12. William George THOMAS born 1869 at Belfast (Port Fairy), Vic, Aus
8.   Catherine GRIERSON
Born 6 Mar 1831 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Bapt 13 Mar 1831 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Emigrated to Victoria in 1839 on the 'David Clark(e)' (see shipping record).

It is believed Catherine took up the names 'Catherine Primrose Scott' at a later time for an unknown reason possibly relating to a benefactor who was believed to be in the iron industry, and who it is believed wanted to adopt her when the family moved to Australia. (In the 1837/38 Pigot & Co. Directory for Dumfries & Maxwelltown, there is the following address: Alexander Scott Iron Founder, Stakeford Foundry, College Street Maxwelltown, Iron Founders. It is not known whether there is a connection but future research might show this.) The name is given in the DCs of dau Jane and son William, but her own DC just had Catherine. There was a wrought iron plaque made for Catherine; this is now in the care of Leonie Catherine Treagus, a 5th generation descendant (ref N. Symons 2009).

Marr 24 Dec 1850 at Scots Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Vic reg 33809 & 2472) (Presbyterian, by Rev James Forbes) to John COCKERELL. John was born on 24 May 1829 and was baptised on 3 Jan 1836, together with his brother Robert (born 29 Aug 1835), at the Parish of Ulva in the County of Monmouth, Tasmania, son of William James Cockerell and Mary Ann Parrott; abode Colebrook Dale; Blacksmith (ref copy of original baptisms register). It is not known where John was born; it might have been one of a number of places such as Colebrook Dale, Sorell, Old Beach, or Clarence Plains (ref C.Brill 2018).

In Wikipedia it is noted that "on 15 January 1836 George Arthur, the Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Van Diemen's Land proclaimed, via The Hobart Town Courier, the first counties and parishes to be surveyed in the colony. Eighth, The County of Monmouth, bounded on the north by Somersetshire; on the west by a portion of the Clyde to its junction with the Derwent, and thence on the south west by the Derwent to Storm bay; on the south by Storm bay and Frederick Henry bay; on the east by Pittwater and by the eastern boundaries of the parishes of Ulva, Staffa and Ormaig, and thence by a line to the junction of Beamont's rivulet with Little Swan port river. This county to include Betsey island and the Iron pot island."

Notes on Mary Ann Briscoe: William John Parrot was her first husband. John Cockerell was a son of Mary Ann's second partner, William James Cockerell. There were many full and half-siblings who are documented on the internet. In the early 1840s Mary Ann and William James parted. He took some of the children to Victoria, or they followed him there at a later date. Mary Ann married Thomas Carroll, and after his death, she married Robert Tuthill on 23 May 1864 in the King's Forest Church, Tasmania; Robert was recorded as a farmer, and Mary Ann as a widow. Robert had previously been a convict. There is much information available about Mary Ann on the internet.

"BLACKSMITHS Wanted - a Hammerman, who can Shoe Horses. Apply Cockerell, first shop on Simpson's-road." (The Argus 27 June 1854)

"NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, under the name or firm of Cockerell and Thompson, Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, Simpson's road, has this day been Dissolved by mutual consent. All moneys due or owing to the late firm will be paid and received by John Cockerell and Adam Thompson.
Witness - John Broadfoot. Dated 3rd August, 1854." (The Argus 8 August 1854)

"NOTICE - JOHN COCKERELL (late Cockerell and Thompson), Blacksmith and Wheelwright's, Simpson's-road, has opened his new premises in Hoddle-street and Simpson's-road, where he will continue his business in all its branches, on most reasonable terms. N.B. - Horses carefully shod at 14s. per set." (The Argus 15 Aug 1854)

"FOUND, a Brindle and White BULL-DOG. The owner can have the same by paying expenses to John Cockerill, blacksmith, Plenty-road." (The Argus 20 August 1856)

Sir, We, the undersigned freeholders and house holders residing in the parishes of Yan Yean and Morang, most respectfully request that you will be pleased to call a public meeting of the inhabitants of both parishes, on as early a day as possible, to take into consideration the formation of a Road Board for the district of Morang, and to appoint such competent persons as are willing to act as members of the same.
We have the honour to be, Sir,
Yours most respectfully,
Freeholders. B. Boeken, John Abbott, David Johnston, John Cockerell, Orr Fisher, Moses Thomas
Householders. John R. Smith, Fergus Clement, F.L. Falaurel, William Tod, T.E. Vernon, M.R.C.S.E.

Gentlemen, - In compliance with the above requisition, and for the purposes mentioned therein I hereby CONVENE a PUBLIC MEETING of the inhabitants of the above named districts, to be holden at the Lamb Inn, Plenty road, on Monday, the 6th day of October, at 8 o'clock p.m.
JOHN WILTON, J.P. Morang. September 25 1862." (The Argus 26, 27 September, 1862)

According to John's obituary, in 1853 Catherine and John came to the Plenty area, opening business as a wheelwright and blacksmith at Mill Park, and in 1854 they moved to the Yan Yean district and settled on the farm known as "Rosebank"; however these dates may not be exactly accurate. The will of Mary Burgess refers to Catherine and John Cockerell of Yan Yean, blacksmith in 1864.

In 1890 there was some financial difficulty.
"NEW INSOLVENT. John Cockerell, of Yan Yean, blacksmith. Causes of Insolvency - Losses incurred in taking out patents for wool, wine, and hay and straw presses; slackness of trade, and illness in family. Liabilities, 429 15s. 10d. ; assets 109 7s. 10d. ; deficiency, 320 8s. Mr. Anderson, assignee." (The Argus Mon 22 Sep 1890)

Catherine died 1 Jun 1900 at "Rosebank", South Yan Yean, Victoria where she had lived for over 46 years (Vic reg 7489), buried at Melbourne General Cemetery. No will/probate was found. See her obituary for further details.

John died 23 Mar 1906 at the home of his son Charles at Somerton (Vic reg 774, age given 76), and was buried beside Catherine at Melbourne General Cemetery. No will/probate was found. See his obituary for further details. John's father, William James Cockerell, and John's cousin Nathaniel Ashton Myers are buried in the same plot as John and Catherine, at Melbourne General Cemetery, with no marker.
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Mary Burgess Will

Photo of Cockerell's Forge

Catherine Cockerell obit
John Cockerell obituary

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  1. Mary COCKERELL born 1851 at Collingwood, Vic, Aus  
  2. William COCKERELL born 1853 at Melbourne, Vic, Aus  
  3. John COCKERELL born 1853 at Melbourne, Vic, Aus  
  4. John Grierson COCKERELL born 1855 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  5. Moses COCKERELL born 1857 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  6. Janet COCKERELL born 1860 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  7. Catherine COCKERELL born 1862 at Mernda, Vic, Aus  
  8. Robert COCKERELL born 1865 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  9. Annie COCKERELL born 1868 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  10. Jane McGregor COCKERELL born 1870 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  11. George James COCKERELL born 1872 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus  
  12. Charles COCKERELL born 1875 at Yan Yean, Vic, Aus
9.   Elizabeth GRIERSON
Born 14 Mar 1834 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref Troqueer Register).
Bapt 16 Mar 1834 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland (ref IGI record and Troqueer Register and ScotlandsPeople).
Died 6 Apr 1834 at Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland, infant aged 3 weeks.
IGI record
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