Summary of ancestors
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Frederick Albert Shade
Gedmatch T742032 and in FTDNA, MyHeritage and 23andme

FRENCH Huguenot families:
Cazaly family
Monsieur & Marguerett Cazaly born c1700; Languedoc, France
Levesque family
Jean Levesque born before 1603; Bolbec, Normandy, France
Poulain family
Isaac Poulain born 1607 marr Esther Ouvrix; Luneray, Haute-Normandy, France

Shade family
Henry Shade m 1844 in New Zealand to Harriet Diment; he was German.

Buckinghamshire families:
Cleydon family
Nicholas Cleydon m 1682 in Buckinghamshire to Anne Fremer

Cornwall families:
Cornish family
John Cornish m 1610 to Priscilla; Poughill, Cornwall
Grigg family
William Grigg m 1684 to Joan Trick; Marhamchurch and Kilkhampton, Cornwall

Devon families:
Bickle family
George Bickle born c1530; Milton Abbot, Devon

Chapple family
John Chapple m c1480 Edith Le Latimer; Chittlehampton, Devon

Cheshire families:
Eagles family
Thomas Eagles m1767 to Elizabeth Salisbury; Chester, Cheshire

Cumberland families:
Anson family
Thomas Hanson (Anson etc) m1719 to Frances Farnham; Wetheral, Cumberland
Grave(s) family
William Grave m1777 to Sarah Head; Dean, Cumberland
Little family
Simon Little m1777 to Isabella Little; Bewcastle, Cumberland

Dorset families:
Diment family
Robert Demment (Diment) c1630; Corscombe, Dorset

Durham families:
Wardle family
Thomas Wardle m1683 to Jane Bell; Brancepeth, Durham

Hertfordshire families:
Bysouth/South family
Thomas Besowthe (Bysouth) c1510; Reed, Hertfordshire
Manning family
Edward Manninge born c1685; Hertfordshire

Oxfordshire families:
Crapper family
Richard Crapper had son Hamlet Crapper in 1657 in Oxford
Mobley family
Samuel Moberly m c1700 to Ann; Deddington, Oxfordshire
Tarrant family
Tarrant late 1600s; Oxfordshire

Suffolk families:
Chinery family 3
Thomas Chinery m 1774 to Mary Moulton; Sudbury Suffolk

Warwickshire families:
Burman family
Richard Burman c1500; Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire

Johnson family
William Johnson m1798; Birmingham, Warwickshire

Worcestershire families:
Insull family
William Insull mc1690 to Rebecca; Upton Warren, Worcestershire

Yorkshire families:
Shuttleworth family
John Shuttleworth m1772 to Dorothy Firbank; Alne, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Grierson
As Libby Shade: Gedmatch T874773 and in FTDNA, MyHeritage, 23andme and Ancestry

Burgess family
George Burges m1776 to Jean MacGrigor; Perth, Scotland
Burton family
Thomas Burton born Scotland c1802 m1824 to Ann Hunt in Kent
Grierson family
John Grier m1757 to Janet McMonies; Parton, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland

Devon families:
Dunsford family
John Dunsford bc1620; Broad Clyst, Devon
Fully revised 11 Aug 2020
Hake family
John Hake m Grace; alive c1600; Broad Clyst, Devon
Marsh family
Benjamin Marsh m1780 to Frances Sharland; Exeter, Devon
Nicks family
Francis Nicks bc1630; Devon
Searle/Serle family
George Searl m1697/98 to Sarah Harris; Kenton, Devon

Gloucestershire families:
Smith family
James Smith m1835 to Elizabeth James; Bristol, Gloucestershire

Hertfordshire families:
Bray family
William Bray m1673 to Elizabeth Piggott; Benington, Hertfordshire
Watson family
Thomas Watson mc1770 to Elizabeth; Royston, Hertfordshire

Kent families:
Hunt family
John Hunt m1781 to Tracy Bland; Rochester, Kent

Leicestershire families:
Gale family
John Gale m1763 to Susannah Pick; Oadby, Leicestershire
Fully revised 3 Jun 2020
Hurd (Heard) family
William Hurd m1680 to Elizabeth Aston; Countesthorpe, Leicestershire
Fully revised 5 Jun 2020
Sampson family
William Sampson mc1788 to Mary; Wigston Magna, Leicestershire
Fully revised 21 Feb 2020
Vann family
John Vann m1794 to Jane Walker; Wigston Magna, Leicestershire
Walker family
William Walter Goward m1735 to Mary Raske; Wigston Magna, Leicestershire
Ward family
John Ward m1694 to Ann Tooley; Newton Harcourt/Wistow, Leicestershire

London families:
Grocock family
William Grocock m1773 to Anne Hooper; Westminster, London
Southon family
James Southon m1805 to Hannah Summersett; Marylebone, London
Fully revised 29 Jun 2020

Somerset families:
Coombs family
James Coombs married c1736 to Anne, surname unknown; Camerton, Somerset
Crew family
Joseph Crew m1769 to Mary Gould; High Littleton, Somerset
Fully revised 15 May 2020
Tay family
Christopher Tay of Camerton married approx 1700
Fully revised 13 May 2020

Suffolk families:
Sommerset family
Henry Sommerset m1679 to Susan Place; Sudbury, Suffolk

Sussex families:
Hemsley family
William Hemsley mc1800 to Elizabeth; Slaugham, Sussex

Wiltshire families:
Greenway family
George Greenaway m1760 to Betty Humphreys; Corsham, Wiltshire

Radnorshire families:
Edwards family
Thomas Edwards mc1760 to Mary; Presteigne, Radnorshire

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