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Frederick Albert Shade
Huguenot families:
Cazaly family Updated 3/5/2017
[Including Bennett, Carpenter, Foster, Gee, Jackson, Lucas, Moore, Oliver, Packwood, Pepper, Sage, Smith, Stark, Taylor, Tourell (and variations), Wolveridge etc]
Levesque family Updated 30 Aug 2018
[Including Archer, Auber, Barboteau, Bingham, Borer, Carter, Cosson, Dymond, Edwards, Gable, Goodrich, Le Brun, Rondeau, Sitton, Spargo, Vernell, Walters, Wastell etc]
Poulain family from Luneray, Upper Normandy, France - Updated 14/03/12
[Including Grinonneau, Guichet etc]
Anson family from Cumwhitton, Cumberland, England - updated 6/11/2015
[Including Brown, Graham, Peaker, Percival, Sawer, Smith, Wappet(t), Wood etc]

Bickle family from Devon - updated 7 Mar 2018
[Including Baker, Ball, Batten, Brooking, Buzza, Chegwyn, Clark(e), Collins, Cook, Cory, Crossman, Cundy, Curtice, Davies, Dodd, Doidge, Down, Easterbrook, Gaud, Gill, Goodman, Guy, Hart, Hatsell, Hendra, Hill, Hucker, James, Johnson, King, Kingwill, Kinsman, Kneebone, Lark, Lillecrapp, Lipscombe, Maker, Marshman, Martin, Martyn, Mason, Medland, Monk, Mullins, Oyns, Palmer, Perry, Peters, Physick, Richards, Roberts, Robertson, Rowe, Ryall, Sanders, Scace, Skitch, Smale, Smith, Soper, Southey, Spry, Thomas, Toop, Treweek, Vicary, Vickery, Walter, Wevill, Williams, World, Wright etc]

Burman family Updated 10/12/2017
[Including Allen, Banister, Birch, Bodington, Edwards, Heynes, Hunt, Lowe, Merry, Rollason, Smith, Thelwall, Ward etc]

Bysouth/South family from Reed & Barkway, Hertfordshire - updated 15 Jun 2018
[Including Baker, Bright, Brown, Bunyan, Camp, Chuck, Clayton, Collins, Cook, Dellow, Drage, Dukes, Edwards, Farraway, Fardell, Gilbey, Golds, Green, Guiver, Hale, Hart, Harvey, Hayes, Head, Herrington, Hiscock, James, Keeble, King, Knights, Lawrence, Lilley, Martin, Newling, Nottage, Passaway, Payne, Roberts, Searle, Sharp(e), Skipp, Smith, Sole, Spencer, Topple, Webb, Whyman, Wickson, Williams, Wingrave, Wisbey, Woodhouse etc]
Chapple family from Devon - Updated 20/11/2016
[Including Berrym, Davey, Edwards, Elliott, Graham, Granger, Hall, Harris, Marshall, Munsor, Price, Quick, Ralston, Smith, Spicer, Stevens, Williams etc]
Chinery family Updated 8/9/13
[Including Farrell, Harvey, Symonds etc]
Cleydon family Created 13/06/2019
[Including Brady, George, Holt, Lambourn, Price, Stevens etc]
Cornish family Updated 20/01/2018
[Including Abbott, Allin, Ashton, Axford, Baker, Balman, Banbury, Barrett, Bartlett, Bassett, Bellamy (Ballamy), Bishop, Blewett, Bond, Boundy, Box, Bray, Brent, Briggs, Brimacombe, Brown, Budd, Cann, Carter, Chubb, Clark (Clarke), Cole, Colwell (Colwill), Cotton, Courtice, Cousens, Daw (Dawe), Dayman, Dunstan, Dyment, Ellis, Evans, Found, Francis, Fry, Furse (Furze), Gay, George, Gerry, Gilbert, Gist, Gloin (Gloyne), Greenaway, Grills, Grose, Gynn, Hacker, Ham, Harris, Hayward, Heard, Hender, Herring, Hicks (Hexx), Hockridge, Hodge, Honey, Horrell (Horrill), Hortop, Hoskin, Hutchings, Jarvis, Jewell, Jolliffe, Jose, Judd, Kempthorn, King, Lane, Leach, Linkletter, McDonald, Marshall, Martin, Mason, May, Maynard, Medlin, Moore, Northcott, Oke, Orchard, Parker, Parmenter (Parminter), Parsons, Pennington, Pethick (Petherick), Pickard, Piper, Pomroy (Pomeroy), Reed, Riston, Robins (Robbins), Routly (Routley), Rowe, Rudall, Sandercock, Sargent, Saunders, Shepherd, Slee, Sluggett, Smale, Souch, Tape, Treleven (Treleaven), Tremeer, Trewin, Trick, Uglow, Walter, Ward, Warfield, Watts, Webb, White, Wickett, Williams, Wonnacott, Workman, Wyatt, Yeo etc]
Diment family from Dorset, England - updated 16 Apr 2019
[including Argent, Cattell, Dicker, Eveleigh, Gale, Hawker, Hawkins, Honeybourne, Jones, Lakey, Legg, New, Notley, Parker, Pitcher, Samways, Spearing, Stork/Stark, Taunton, Wallbridge, Westlake, White, Wills etc]
Eagles family Updated 10 May 2018
Grave(s) family Updated 20/8/12
[Including Ashburn, Gloag, Kirkby, Mattinson, Nixon, Poole, Wedgwood etc]
Grigg family Added 2/12/2016
[Including Abbott, Adams, Anderson, Andrew (s), Anthony, Biggings, Box, Brock, Brown, Bryant, Cleave, Cory, Crews, Cruse, Dark, Duncan, Ebbels, Edney, Fox, Gist, Green(a)way, Guest, Harris, Hicks, Hobbs, Hockridge, Hopgood, Hore, Howatt, Jacobs, Lewis, McArthur, McLennan, Martin, Me(a)therall, Murray, Naugler, Neff, Nisbet, Oakley, Parkyn, Sandercock, Scott, Smith, Venner, Wills, Wilson, Wood, Yeo etc]
Insull family New tree 12/6/2014
Johnson family from Birmingham, Warwickshire - updated 31/1/2018
[Including Blaymires etc]
Little family from Cumberland - updated 19/8/13
[Including Robinson etc]
Mobley family from Oxfordshire - updated 5 Apr 2018
[Including Hughes etc]
Shade family Updated 19/1/2018
Shuttleworth family Updated 5/11/2016
[Including Livingston, Shadbolt etc]
Tarrant family Updated 10 Jan 2019
[Including Anniss, Brown(e), Hassell, King, Kyle, Rooke, Swoish, Teagle, Venn, Volckman, Watson, Weatherhead, Weston, White, Wilkinson etc]
Wardle family from Durham - updated 17 Jun 2018
[Including Dobson, Heslop, Morgan, Seekings, Taylor, Tindale etc]


Elizabeth Grierson
Bray family from Buckland, Hertfordshire, England - updated 10/9/12
[Including Cock, Hoye, Munt, Stockbridge etc]
Burgess family from Scotland - updated 16 Oct 2018
[Including Aitken, Anderson, Bettens, Binnie, Blackadder, Eglinton, Gilchrist, Gillespie, Gillett, McCallum, Rennie, Strawbridge, Walker etc]
Burton family from Scotland and then Kent, England - updated 15/11/2017
[Including Birch, Mannerings, Wilson etc]
Crew family from Somerset, England - updated 27 Mar 2018
[Including Bees, Budgett, Collier, Dowling, Goodenough, Gregory, Mead, Perry, Rapps, Richmond, Ruddick, Sheppard, Verrier, Witcomb etc]
Dunsford family from Broad Clyst, Devon, England - updated 10/12/14
[Including Breen, Dearing, Lightfoot, Nicol, Roeber, Sanders, Smale, Stannard, Symons etc]
Edwards family from Radnorshire, Wales - updated 20/8/16
[Including Allsop, Beaumont, Day, Horsburgh, Lapworth, Mason, Millard etc]
Gale family from Oadby, Leicestershire, England - updated 17 Aug 2018
[Fully revised 2018; including Abell, Bailey, Baines,Ball, Batson, Cane/Cain, Coltman, Cooper, Copson, Culverhouse, Dean, Elliott, Findley, Foreman, George, Hague, Harding, Holt, Hunt, Kendall, Kinton, Kirk, McCormick/McCormack, Markram/Markham, Marshall, Mawby, Moore, Myring, Norman, Northan, Shipley, Siddons, Solomon, Spencer, Sperry, Sturgess, Thompson, Varnan, Voss, Ward, Whiting etc]
Greenway family from Corsham, Wiltshire, England - updated 18/8/2015
[Including Ashby, Cross, Daws, Gilbert, Knowles etc]
Grierson family from Kircudbrightshire, Scotland - updated 11 Jul 2019
[Including Birkett-Vipont, Broadfoot, Cockerell, Craig, Edwards, Emery, Graham, Grier, Horne, Jones, Sadler, Smith, Thomas, Vipont, White etc]
Grocock family from Westminster, London, England - updated 26 Jul 2018
Hake family from Broad Clyst, Devon, England - updated 4 Jul 2019
[Including Cosens, Dupré etc]
Hemsley family from Sussex, England - updated 1 Apr 2019
[Including Gibb, Holman, Norman etc]
Hunt family from Rochester, Kent, England - updated 8 Nov 2018
[Including Adams, Bates, Bentley, Blackman, Hawkins, Kempton, Landeg, Saywell, Wildish etc]
Hurd (Heard) family from Leicestershire, England - updated 8/6/2018
[New 2018; Including Atkins, Belfield, Birch, Findley, Foulston, Graves, Hill, Hurst, Keats, Parsons, Seeley, Smith, Vann etc]
Marsh family from Exeter, Devon, England - updated 10 Oct 2018
Sampson family from Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England - updated 20 May 2019
[Including Hurst, Tebbutt, Wesson etc]
Searle/Serle family from Kenton, Devon, England - updated 6 Mar 2019
[Including Andrew, Cann, Conibear, Evans, Gregory, Hedger, Hodge, Horsman, Reed, Soper, Sylvester, Vosper etc]
Smith family from Bristol, Gloucestershire, England - updated 13/11/2017
[Including Lynch etc]
Sommerset family from Sudbury, Suffolk, England - updated 6/9/13
[Including Trotter, Wilkins etc]
Southon family from Tortington, Sussex - updated 6 Apr 2018
[Including Brewer, Copp, Henderson, Shiers, Smith etc]
Tay family from Northfield, Worcestershire, England - created 20 Oct 2018
Vann family from Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England - updated 27 Dec 2018
[Including Attridge, Burdett, Chapman, Copson, Heighton, Hubbard, Morris, Shipley, Wilton etc]

Ward family from Newton Harcourt or Wistow, Leicestershire, England - new 18 Jun 2018
Watson family from Royston, Hertfordshire - updated 11 Jul 2019
[Including Eaden, Shewell, Sibley etc]

Updated 28/12/11

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